Hi Adrienne! Please tell us about yourself.

I graduated from the University of Tulsa in 2005 with a chemical engineering degree. I joined BP shortly thereafter. I’ve spent most of my career in Alaska, but have also worked in Angola and Kuwait. 

I currently work a 14/14 Slope schedule, as a Well Integrity Superintendent. In short, my team and I ensure that we operate our wells (nearly 1800 of them!) in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Brie and I have been together for 11 years, and married for 8. What an amazing ride! She’s incredibly thoughtful and generous. She makes me laugh so hard! We learn from each other daily; in personality, knowledge, and strengths, we are very much yin and yang. And, she is a bad ass fly fisherman!

My hobbies include working out, running, playing with our dogs, glamping, hiking, fishing, scuba diving, hockey, reading (almost exclusively non-fiction; I’ve read 2 novels in my adult life), playing guitar and piano, and genealogy research.

Fun fact: Brie and I met at the ABC. Good thing we don’t have kids…that would be awkward to explain!

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An astronaut. I very nearly attended the Air Force Academy, with the intent of becoming a fighter pilot, to hopefully facilitate this dream. The one thing that prevented this? I couldn’t do a damn pull-up! 

I did get an appointment to West Point (West Point only required women to do a bent-arm hang), but that wouldn’t have fit with my ultimate goal, so I turned it down. In retrospect, I believe things turned out for the best. I love how my life has unfolded.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve got going on right now?

I have 3 things I’m especially stoked about:

  • I’m really getting back into racing, after a nearly 20 year hiatus. Last year, with a little urging from Steph, I joined the FF Lost Lake team. It was an awesome experience, and I’m doing it again this year! 
  • I also just participated in the Lavaman Triathlon, as part of a relay team. I ran the 10K in 48:29, achieving my goal of sub 50 minutes.
  • In 2017 we purchased property in Kona, and for the past 2 years we’ve been spending my 14 days off during the winter months down there, and summers in Alaska. Although I miss in-person FF workouts, hockey, and skiing, I absolutely love escaping the cold and dark, and enjoying everything the Big Island has to offer.

On January 1, I started a “one year no beer” challenge: I’ve committed to drinking no alcohol for the entire year. It has been surprisingly easy (no feeling deprived, no FOMO), and it has set in motion a remarkable upward spiral of mental and physical wellbeing. 

I detest preachiness on this topic, but reach out to me if you are curious; I’d be happy to recommend resources I’ve found helpful.

How long have you been training with FF, and what initially inspired you to seek us out?

I started training with FF in 2013. At that time I was in good cardiovascular shape, but had no muscle tone (story of my life before finding FF!) I decided it was time to change that, so I googled “Anchorage Personal Trainer”, and the rest is history. 

This was around the time that Steph and Lela had achieved internet fame with their Empire State Wedding and the subsequent Fox News faux pas, so I was able to do a little online research on them before making the leap and contacting Steph!

You have made incredible progress with your fitness goals over the last 3 months. What do you attribute your success to?

1. Starting online personal training with Steph. I’m out of town a lot, and therefore this has been a game changer for me. Each week I’m doing 3 days of strength training, and 3 days of running.

2. Having a performance goal. Initially it was Lavaman, and now I’m shifting focus to Lost Lake. I’d like to run it in 2:30 or less.

3. Giving up alcohol. In addition to cutting out a shitload of empty calories, I feel so much better. This enables me to consistently stick to my workout plan, and push myself harder.

What are a few of your favorite exercises? How about a few of your favorite muscle groups to train?

My 11” biceps belie this…but I really love curls. My arms are getting (ever so slightly) bigger!

I love/hate pull-ups. Steph has incorporated them into every phase of my online workouts so far, and although they suck, I’m improving, and I’m stoked about that. 

One of my goals for the upcoming transformation challenge is to do an unassisted one. This has been a goal of mine for a long time, as yet unrealized…but I believe I’m finally going to crush it.

I’ve grown to enjoy leg exercises. I think this is because a) I can tell my running has improved as a result; and b) I’ve started to receive compliments on my legs and ass. 

Optimal health. What does it mean to you?

Awaking each morning feeling well-rested, pain-free, and excited for the day. Being able to pursue the active hobbies I love. Being happy with the way I look and feel.

What one or two pieces of advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Come out of the closet! I didn’t come out until the very end of my college career, and consequently I feel I missed out on 4 prime years of…fun.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by Steph, Lela, and Charlene. You are fantastic coaches, total bad asses, and heartfelt philanthropists. You have helped me build resilience, and tone down my cynicism, and I’m very grateful for both of those things.

I’m also inspired by Camille Herron. She is the preeminent female ultra-marathoner of our time, and an absolute beast. Side note: likely my life’s most notable claim to fame will be that I ran against her in high school cross country (2 decades ago), and beat her a few times.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get fit but may not know where to start?

Having a plan is key! I attempted to start strength training on my own several times before finding FF, but wasn’t getting results. Educate yourself, and/or invest in a qualified trainer.

What goals are you working on for the remainder of 2019?

Do an unassisted pull-up.

Do at least 5 minutes of yoga each day.

Get down to 17% body fat.

Run Lost Lake in 2:30 or less.

I am toying with the idea of signing up for the Hammerman Triathlon. Swimming is not my strong suit, but it would be an awesome challenge!