Hi Dave! Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Dave Delgado, the 1st.  In west Philadelphia born and raised. On the playground was where I spent most of my days… oh wait, that’s not me, I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I moved to Anchorage in 2010.  Everyone always says, “Oh wow, what a big change!” Not really, I just moved from one “oil” state to another.  But I can see what they’re saying though.  Temperature wise, it was definitely an adjustment.  It was an organic move for me, I acclimated fairly quick.

Who or what inspires you?

I am always inspired by my parents because they worked hard and have me a good education. Now it is my responsibility to convert their dreams into reality. My mom, dad are my real heroes.  AND Britney Spears.  If Britney Spear can make it through 2007, then I can make it through anything. (Can you believe that was 10 years ago this month)?!

You regularly attend Boot Camp classes each week. What are a few of your favorite exercises that we do? 

SQUATS. BW squats, weighted squats, overhead squats. Squats all day. Everyone needs squats in their lives. And everyone can get their ass lower. Big, big booty, what you got a big booty. Werk! I don’t squat to parallel; I believe in the Ass to Grass method. And so should you… or not. Different strokes for different folks. 

IMG_5176Also, Deadlifting! It targets so many muscles: gluts, quads, adductors, hams, and traps.

In the past several months you’ve really stepped up your fitness game and made substantial progress with fat loss. How much weight have you lost, and what’s been the secret to your success?

I’ve lost 40LBS. The weight loss is as easy as calories in vs calories out.  I lost the weight through having a calorie deficit. First, find out your BMR (what your body burns in a day just by existing) and TDEE (what you’ll burn in a day when your daily activities are added in.) Any TDEE calculator will work it out for you. It’s better to underestimate your activity level. I work out 6 times a week (both lifting and bootcamp), but due to my office job I’ll select light activityon the TDEE cal. 

You have to be accurate with your calorie counts. Especially if you’re new to it. Most of the time, I miscalculated what was in, say, a bowl of cereal because of the serving size stats on the box, and this put my calorie count out by quite a bit. I’ve always found MyFitnessPal the best for logging.  Most of all, be honest with yourself.

Log your treats, your liquid calories, log it all and be accountable for it. Be honest when you put your weight and height into the TDEE calculator, and when selecting your activity level. If you cheat the system here, the only person who is going to suffer is yourself. Be honest with yourself and you’ll succeed.

You’re really consistent with your workouts each week. How do you stay motivated to train and make healthy choices?

Create a set schedule. I set goals and write them down.  That really helps me stick to my workout plan/goals.  Also, bitches be hatin yo! Haters are my motivators.  There are some assholes who expect me fail or quit.  That gives me a little extra push to prove them wrong. 

The best revenge is to improve yourself.  Plus, it’s fun for me, some people dread it but I actually like working out.  I makes me feel good and I enjoy the sense of accomplishment afterwards.

IMG_8356What are some obstacles you’ve faced while getting fit, and how have you overcome them?

As much as I enjoy working out sometimes it hard to find the energy to do so.  After 9 hours at work there are days where I’d rather go home and veg out.  Caffeine and pre-workout help on those days but the absolutely most important thing is SLEEP! I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. I’d prefer to get 8+ hours each night. That’s something I’m still working on.

Also the amount of fitness information floating around is overwhelming, from what type of exercise to target specific muscles to the number of reps to do them.  To me, it seems like the further I look into something the more conflicting information I read.  I’ve come to the conclusion it’s all trial and error and personal preference.  Find what you like and what works for you.

What specific changes have you made to your nutrition these past few months?

Meal planning!  In past, my meals were random AF!! Breakfast would consist of whatever was on hand. (eggs/cereal/muffins), lunch was usual bought and dinner was whatever defrosted that was pulled from the freezer that day. Planning my meals for the coming week helps me tremendously in controlling what I’m putting into my body.

What is your favorite “cheat” food or meal? 

It’s not a cheat, it’s a treat. I have a couple (but not together. I don’t think these flavors would combine well) Also, understand the allotment of a cheat meal not cheat day.  A few of my favorites are: 

  • Moose’s Tooth pizza. Especially the Avalanche. The Avalanche goes hard!
  • Wendy’s french fries dipped in a frosty.
  • And a few extra cocktails with a late night run to Taco Bell may or may not occasionally happen.

You just signed up to run a marathon in a couple months. What is it about this goal that excites you the most? Do you have a goal time in mind?

Excites me?  I’m fucking terrified.  But it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and talked about so I figured it’s time to man up or shut up. As far as time, I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Just kidding. Maybe someday but not this go around. 

My goal is to FINISH.  My training program has advised me not to set a target time.  I have the opportunity to complete a tremendously satisfying and motivating experience, and that would all be for not if I fail to reach my timed goal. Can you imagine you have just gone 26.2 miles for the first time in your life and you feel you have failed? That would be a waste.

What are a few other goals you have planned for 2017?

I want to continue leading a healthier lifestyle and to lose additional weight and build muscle.

Also, I’m beginning to study for the Certified Professional in Supply Management program.  The CPSM certifies that I have key knowledge and skills in the supply chain management profession.  I’ve always wanted a title behind my name.  Dave Delgado, CPSM (in progress)