When you hit a wall with progress, it’s easy to quit. 

Here’s what I focus on when I’m working toward a goal and I experience frustration, disappointment or fatigue:

I remind myself to be patient, and I ask: Do I need more time? We incorrectly assume that amazing results happen overnight. It might take months or even years to see your goal to fruition. Stay calm and play the long game. 

Sometimes, I’m just not giving 100%. I ask: Can I push myself harder? The answer is always yes. If you’re not getting the results you want in any area of life, work harder. Find the edge of your comfort zone and go slightly beyond it. If you go too far too fast, you risk losing control of your emotional state and sabotaging yourself. It’s important to go slightly beyond your edge at first, then gradually move further and further out into the scary zone.


I constantly evaluate the effectiveness of my plan, and I ask: What can I improve on today? If I’m trying to cut body fat, maybe I need to adjust my macros to see the scale move in the direction I want it to go. Maybe I need to add an additional day of strength training. Maybe I need to ease off the intensity and take a rest. Assess your plan every 7-10 days, depending on your goals, and adjust as needed. 

Life is better when we’re consistently challenged to grow. Don’t shy away from hard things simply because you will experience uncomfortable emotions that you’re worried you can’t handle. Trust yourself, and believe you will manage whatever chaos gets thrown your way, and you will. 

Try this and let me know how it goes.