Erin has been working with Figarelle’s Fitness since May 2013. She came to us a little frustrated with the lack of results she was getting while working out on her own, and quite honestly, I think she was ready for a swift kick in the ass- which is why she felt the need to seek us out in the first place. She knew we could help her turn things around and start getting her the results she desired.

Erin's progress.

Erin’s progress.

Right away I noticed that Erin had a very athletic, proportioned body. Possessing the “bodybuilder eye” helps me immediately hone in on underdeveloped muscle groups in all of my clients, which ultimately allows me to create better workouts for them.

Immediately I saw that Erin didn’t seem to posses any underdeveloped muscles. Two of her strengths- triceps and calves- are typically two of the most difficult muscle groups to fully develop in a female client. She already had them. Her potential has always been, and will always be limitless.

Somewhere throughout the summer we began discussing BIG goals. I encouraged Erin to dig deep and figure out what scared her more than anything. That’s how I help my clients figure out what to do next. We’d briefly talked about her competing in a bodybuilding or figure show, and I think she thought I was insane to suggest it. I wasn’t joking. I could look at Erin and already see her onstage months down the line.

She’ll read this and not even realize that I foresaw big things happening in her future from day one.

In September 2013, right before her wedding, we decided to start preparing her for a physique competition in May 2014. She already knew she’d be relocating to Oklahoma with her husband Kyle in March, so she researched a few competitions down there that she could potentially compete in and settled on the 2014 Battle of the Bodies in Tulsa, OK on May 10th.

Enjoying her hard earned 6-pack!

Enjoying her hard earned 6-pack!

What I wasn’t prepared for with Erin was this incredible work ethic that she possesses. Erin is inarguably one of the most focused and organized people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Every month she brings me a homemade calendar with all of her workouts written out a month in advance. It’s on the wall next to my regular calendar in my office. When Erin moves to Oklahoma next month I will sorely miss seeing her calendar of workouts on my wall.

Erin is extremely consistent with her food diary and never misses a day of tracking. Her attention to small details helps us both stay on the same page and it assists me in troubleshooting any issues that may arise from day to day.

She communicates extremely well and we talk everyday- whether it be via text, email or in person. That’s how is has to be when working diligently to prepare someone for the stage. We are a team.

Training a competitor for the stage is not something that I do very often because of the amount of time and energy that it requires.

I don’t work for months on end with someone just for them to go and “have fun” onstage or to lose weight. I train them to be number one. Most people don’t understand that mentality, but Erin does, which is why we work so well together.

Erin, during one of our weekly posing sessions.

Erin, during one of our weekly posing sessions.

Over these last several months I’ve witnessed an incredible mental and physical transformation in Erin. She is stronger physically. She is more confident and self-assured. She’s developed muscles that she didn’t know she was capable of ever seeing, and she’s cultivated an impressively disciplined routine that will no doubt pay off when she steps onstage.

I have learned many things while working with Erin and it’s nearly impossible to imagine a week without seeing her smile and hearing her funny stories. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to be a small part of her fitness journey these past 10 months.

Not a day goes by when I’m not inspired, and humbled by the faith that Erin has placed in me and my company. I wish her nothing but the best in the next chapter of her life in Oklahoma. I look forward to watching her display the awe-inspiring physique she’s worked so hard for on that stage on May 10th, 2014.

Erin, you will be missed probably more than you know! Thank you for being such an amazing part of Figarelle’s Fitness. We love you.