Before reaching out to a personal trainer, I recommend the following:

▪️Know your top 3-5 personal values and be willing to share them. Your values drive your beliefs and your decision making. If you don’t have clear values, you won’t be able to make much change in your body because you will struggle to make the requisite decisions. 

▪️Have at least one clear fitness goal that you’re excited about. Without goals, it’s will be challenging for both you and your trainer to know which direction to go.

▪️If your life is stressful, don’t hire a trainer. It will only add fuel to the fire. A trainer cannot eat your food and go to the gym for you. Instead, focus on creating routines that will support good behavior goals. 

▪️Read the book Atomic Habits and apply what you learn. When you establish solid routines where your sleep, hydration and stress are all in check, THEN consider reaching out to a trainer for additional help.

Hiring a trainer is not a magic wand that will somehow change your mindset and your lifestyle. YOU have to do the work. Your trainer is a guide who helps you navigate obstacles and who can safely speed up the process if you’re willing to communicate openly and make the program a priority everyday.