Many years ago, I read an article about changing your mindset around money. The author explained the importance of practicing gratitude and mindfulness every time you pay a bill.

Imagine receiving your phone bill and saying “thank you” as you submit your payment. By acknowledging the abundance and privilege in your life, you have the ability to completely overhaul your belief system.

This was a profound mindset shift for me, and I apply it anytime I feel a hint of scarcity creeping in.

How can you apply this to fat loss?

When you decrease your caloric intake in an effort to lose body fat, you will inevitably reduce the consumption or completely remove some foods that you love, at least temporarily.

This process can feel like deprivation until you get the hang of it, and it requires conscious awareness around the decisions you make throughout the day.

If fat loss is your most important goal, you will need to restructure your nutrition plan and familiarize yourself with quality sources of protein, carbs and fat.

You may not immediately love these healthier alternatives, and in some ways you may feel like you’re missing out. Remind yourself that cultivating better habits around food will lead to the results you want.

Practice gratitude for all that you have, instead of letting yourself become resentful when you feel that something is missing. This habit will completely change the way you approach your health and fitness habits, your finances and your relationships.