I went to my first boot camp January 8th, 2013.  It was really hard and I was sore for a week afterward. However, I knew right away that it’s exactly what I needed for a full body workout. I’ve always had an athletic background, but I wanted to become stronger all the way around. Figarelle’s Fitness was definitely the place to achieve this goal.

imageAt the end of February, I joined an 8-week challenge with others from boot camp and that’s when I started to really notice changes. During the challenge, I tracked all of my food everyday using MyFitnessPal and occasionally asked for suggestions from Steph & Lela on how to get enough calories and protein for breakfast. I paid attention to what I was eating and what the approximate calories were. It also helped me ensure I consumed enough calories on days I worked out. Tracking my food was my biggest challenge during the 8-week challenge, but it had the biggest returns.

I rarely track my food now, but I mentally figure out approximate calories of things and make decisions based on that. Most importantly, I never deny myself the food I love, I just eat less of it or adjust the rest of my calories accordingly. I did cut back on my adult beverages though! Since I started attending boot camp, I’ve lost 10lbs, 5.4% of my body weight, and lots of inches. I’m so much stronger now, both physically and mentally, and I look and feel great.

Toward the beginning of the year I started walking with a little running to begin my training for the Gold Nugget Triathlon with the goal of being able to run the whole thing in May. I exceeded my goal and made another one.  On August 11th, I competed in my first Olympic distance triathlon and was able run the whole distance after swimming and biking. It was a fantastic race and it felt great too. I now have a new goal, to rock the Lavaman triathlon at the end of March.

I believe the weight training/circuits of boot camp have made a significant difference in my overall fitness level. It now goes hand in hand with my swimming, biking, and running. The support the Figarelle coaches provide both at boot camps and through the Facebook group has been great! They motivate you to be all you can be and encourage you to motivate and inspire other in boot camp.

– Jen S.