Hi Lindsay! Please tell us about yourself.

Hi!  I’m originally from Florida and am one of six kids.  I am pretty close to my siblings and even though we are somewhat spread out geographically we talk quite a bit.  I moved up to Anchorage about 2 years ago with my husband Ernest and our two cats Figaro and Cleo to try something new!

I work as a hospitalist which is basically an internal medicine doctor that takes care of inpatients.  It’s usually pretty hectic during my work weeks but it’s gratifying to help people.

I enjoy doing lots of outdoor activities.  I like camping, boating/sailing, hiking (overcoming those fears of bears and heights!), and traveling.


How long have you been working with us, and what motivated you to seek us out?

I’ve been with Figarelle’s for close to a year.  I’ve usually worked out in some form or fashion but wanted a little more direction with weight training and focusing more on goals.  

I stumbled upon the FF webpage and was pretty intrigued.  I love that they care about each individual member.  Everyone in small group is very motivating and positive and it’s great environment to work out it.

You regularly attend Small Group classes with us each week. What are some of your favorite exercises that we do?

I’m a big fan of legs and shoulders.  I love the landmine squat to press, pretty much anything squat, and the kneeling curl to press.

We know consistency is key. What tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay on track with their fitness goals?

Move every day, even if it’s something little like a walk around the block or 20 minutes of  dancing around the living room.  Don’t beat yourself up for one bad meal or one bad day, just get back on the horse.  Consistency is key.

What is your nutrition strategy like? Is it working well for you? 

I’ve always found nutrition a challenge particularly with my job which can be erratic hours.  I try to have healthy snacks with me at work because when you’re tired and unprepared it can lead to the consumption of untold amounts of hospital peanut butter crackers which is less than ideal.

I feel most successful when I am targeting macros and logging on MyFitness Pal because it makes me much more conscious of what I am eating.  It’s so easy to not realize how much you consume in a day. On days where logging is just not going to happen i have been trying to focus on lean protein and fruits/veggies with every meal.

Optimal health. What does it mean to you?

Optimal health is doing the best you can to make your set of genes thrive.  It’s being in a good mental space, being physically active, eating in a couscous and nutritious way, getting good sleep, and drinking that water.  Optimal health means doing the best you can to feel good, even if you have illnesses or health conditions.

What are some of your favorite ways to rest and recover? 

I’m a big fan of treat yo’ self.  Sometimes it’s nice just to be somewhere quiet where I can think (or not think), if it’s on a walk or a hike or in my “She Shed”.  I like curling up with a good book or taking the time to get sip a cup of coffee and relax instead of grabbing one and running to the next chore.  

Who gives you the courage to try new things?

It’s a combination of people.  I would say friends are a big source of encouragement in trying new things, my hubs is always pushing me (with perhaps a bit of pushback), my sisters.  I would also say the spirit of my dad guides me because he was constantly trying  and learning new things.

What’s the best advice you’ve received in your life?

One of my mentors in residency training told me that sometimes life is like sailing, sometimes you have to change direction and tack with the wind.

Essentially he was telling me that sometimes we get an idea of exactly what we think should transpire in life or what are goals are or should be and then for whatever reason things change and it’s easy to get lost in disappointment or frustrations.  Sometimes you have to reset and it’s okay to change courses in life.  So many things are out of our hands.

What new goals are you most looking forward to accomplishing in the next 6-12 months? 

I think it’d be fun to do a pull up, run some sort of race (to be determined), and hike to the top of Flat Top without getting scared on the scrambly rocks!