Most people believe that if something is difficult or inconvenient they should just quit. When you face a challenge, your mindset is tested. Therein lies the secret to success. Will you take the bull by the horns or will you crumple under pressure? 

When it comes to fat loss, it may very well be one of the most challenging things you ever pursue. Because of this, you’ll find your “motivation” waning as the days go on and the discomfort grows. 

In order to change, you must alter your daily habits while evolving your personal identity, and you need a strong support system around you. Anyone who isn’t making you stronger is making you weaker. This includes those closest to you, so make sure communication is open and boundaries are clear. 

You will never make significant changes in your life when you’re comfortable, so prepare for unforeseen obstacles that will test you along the way. This is part of the process. 

Regular movement and healthy eating cannot be random, half-assed events. They must become a part of your everyday, normal routine if you’re going to make permanent change in your life. 

Pay attention to your sleep habits, your stress, and hydration just as much as you focus on your workouts and nutrition. Fix what needs fixing. 

Honoring your body is a lifestyle; everyday until you die. Not once in awhile, and only when you feel like it.

Stop looking for the next quick fix, shiny object that you think is going to miraculously change your body and your mindset with very little effort on your part.

Look within. Do the work. Get the results.