Not a day goes by when I don’t think about working out whether I get to or not, it’s on my mind at least a few times per day. Exercise is my drug. 

To stay motivated, I go into what I call “robot mode”. This is where I shut off all thinking and just do it. Everyone has the tendency to talk themselves out of anything with analysis paralysis. You know, when you juggle the pros and cons of something to the point of utter exhaustion? You know you should hit the gym, but you come up with a thousand reasons not to; it’s raining outside, you have to fold laundry, it’s a full moon, etc.

Exercise is uncomfortable, but that’s the point. Human nature will keep you from venturing too far from your comfort zone, but you have to know when to push past that threshold or suffer the consequences of being left behind. The average person will remain average, secured within the confines of the comfort zone. Tethered to familiarity, the mind does not dare strive for anything greater than what’s set before it day after day. Where the mind goes- or doesn’t go, the body will follow. When you set out to make physical changes, your mind has to be focused and ready or nothing but frustration and discouragement will come. 

When asked how I stay so motivated to workout each day, the simplest way I can answer that is that I have no choice. My life depends on it. My happiness, productivity and self esteem thrive on my ability to get outside of my comfort zone. That may sound extreme, but it’s true. I fall out of balance and lose the true sense of myself if too much time passes without breaking a sweat, elevating my heart rate and ultimately humbling myself during a workout. I have high standards for myself and refuse to settle for anything less than the best in life. With this comes a great responsibility, and I love the power that comes with the control to inflict positive change everyday. 

I get bored and agitated without the mental and physical stimulation that exercise provides. 

My workouts are a time for reflection and spiritual connection. They are not done to impress anyone. They are not done simply to go through the motions to say that I did. Each one has purpose that provides enlightenment and evolution to my mind, body and soul. Each day that I wake up and have the ability to move without restriction is a gift to me and my workouts are a recognition of that gift. 

Motivation is everywhere, just open your eyes.

I was leaving school yesterday, getting ready to jump on my bike and head home when I saw a young woman in a wheelchair a few feet away. In that moment I gave thanks for my health and the ability to ride my bike- something I take for granted until I see others who cannot do what I do. In that instant I became motivated to push the pedals a little harder until I felt an unmerciful burn in my legs as a reminder of the abilities I possess. We all have a choice to remain mindful and look for motivation around us each day. It is rarely hidden. 

I am unafraid of feeling pain, in fact I welcome it. 

Pain is a great teacher. If purposely inflicted for reasons of growth, it will elevate and inspire you from the darkest pit of complacency to your own version of perfection, success and bliss. Pain will test you, break you down and taunt you to give up on your dreams. When you repeatedly do what you don’t want to do, you show pain that it will never win. You bring yourself one step closer to eternal motivation and attainment of whatever you want in life. Feel that pain, and push right on through it.