Hi Pam! Please introduce yourself.

I was born and raised here in Anchorage. My husband Mark and I have been married 37 years this year and we have two adult daughters. I work at the Anchorage School District as Publications Supervisor, and that keeps me out of trouble during the day. 

To stay out of trouble the rest of the time, I belong to a book club (Sew Literal) and an art group (Bricolage) and the Fig’s Family. I enjoy skiing, walking, gardening and hiking outdoors. Graphic design, art, photography, reading, sewing, knitting, cooking, crafting and politics at all levels also intrigue me. I consider myself a lifelong learner.

IMG_4812I know that art is an important part of your life. What do you enjoy most about the creative process? 

For me the creative process can be anything from going with the flow to outlining a plan of action and summoning the self-discipline to follow through. And then letting it go – no self-judgment; allowing outside criticism and kudos to equally play a role. And then to do it again with what’s been learned. It continues to be one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.

I am currently enrolled in a 10-week workshop on Abstraction and I’m equally excited and unsure about how it will play out. What I enjoy most IS the process –ideas, problem solving, technical challenges, execution – and when the piece is complete I’m ready to solve another problem.

How long have you been working with FF, and what motivated you to seek us out? 

My daughter Erin had been with FF for some time, and was successfully upping her physical game. She enjoyed her time at the gym, and the community there. After my sister Bev joined, they both encouraged me to give it a try. In November 2015 I joined after trying two Saturday boot camps. 

What makes a difference for me is the range of ages and abilities that are part of the group, along with a shared caring and camaraderie. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. 

Have you made any specific changes to your nutrition over the past several months?

I’ve always read labels and kept up on nutrition advice and findings. I’ve never followed a fad diet, because those aren’t about developing a healthy habit for life.

This is something that has fascinated me since way back when I remember the “Ayds” candy chews that were marketed for weight loss. How could a person live on “candy” even if it was supposed to be “healthy?” Do any of you remember this diet candy fad?

I have lost a few pounds since joining FF and I’m sure it was because I upped my lean protein intake and cleaned up my carbs a little, along with building more muscle to keep the furnace burning hotter. 

You regularly attend Boot Camp classes each week. What are a few of your favorite things about BC?

15826417_10210408491861343_8929140394439681823_nI love the variety most of all. The work is challenging and I sweat. The coaching and observation/corrections for form makes me feel like I am cared about. The pain and the encouragement shared in a group creates connection. And I feel stronger and as sharp as ever. I love seeing my age group kicking ass and being a role model for the younger members.

Your daughter, Erin, and your sister, Bev, are often in class with you. What is it like to workout with your family?

It’s always good when you can connect with your family in new and interesting ways. It is very nice to see my sister and my daughter regularly and get in on their lives from a different angle; and to also see them interact with others in a different setting. On Saturdays we head to Kaladi Brothers for coffee after boot camp where we relax and spend an hour or so talking. Consider this an open invitation to join us, btw.  

What are some of your favorite exercises that we do at Boot Camp?

Weight lifting is my favorite, with med balls coming in a close second. Hurricanes are really fun, and 5 min whiteboards are badass.  There is a whole lotta fun to be had at the gym, so it’s hard to pick a favorite.

You were a member of the FF Lost Lake team which is a 16 mile mountain hike/race in Seward, AK. What was it like for you to complete that goal?

I was pretty impressed with myself! I hiked/power walked and it was easier than I anticipated. I finished under my set goal time. It would not have been as easy without all of the training over the summer. The hikes that we did in preparation for the race made all the difference. I am excited to be on the team again this year.

IMG_8109I plan to have something arty to donate to the silent auction fund-raiser this spring and look forward to training outdoors this summer. Maybe we can revise the tee-shirt too!

You and Erin are getting ready to participate in our Winter Transformation Challenge together. What are you hoping to accomplish during the 8-week Challenge period?

This is my first challenge, so I don’t know what to expect as far as having to really stretch. I hope to remove a measure of fat from my body, and try some more fresh tasting, lean recipes.

My yoga practice has faltered so I am looking forward to carving out some time to resume a practice. There is no doubt I’ll be arting in Abstraction mode. By the time the challenge is over the daylight will have doubled, and that’s a reason to live!

What new goals do you have in store for the rest of 2017? 

The most important goal is to move forward with hope and optimism. I will read at least 12 books and make at least 12 art projects. I haven’t yet pinned down travel plans for this year, but have been looking at options. My last credit card will be paid off this summer!  #retirementgoals I will knock some time off the Lost Lake race. And surprise myself with something new – a new destination, class, or friend.

Thanks for all you do Steph, Lela and Charlene. I really enjoy FF, and I am proud to be January’s member of the month.