If you’ve never seen Rachael workout at a Boot Camp, you’re missing out. This girl kills it at every session and she inspires everyone around her. While she’s focused and working hard, she’s never too busy to support a fellow Boot Camper when they are in need. Rachael lends support and guidance to others, and then gets right back in her zone. Outside of Boot Camp, Rachael has figured out how to balance everything so her workouts don’t get shoved aside when life gets busy. We love this girl, and we’re proud to work with her!

You seem like you’re naturally very athletic. Did you grow up playing any sports? 

Yes, growing up I was always involved in sports. I started with gymnastics around age 4 or 5 and over time realized that it just wasn’t for me. When I was 7 years old, one of my best friend’s parents called and asked if I wanted to play hockey – I said yes. I fell in love with the sport and the team atmosphere and ended up playing competitively from age 10 to 18. In high school I also participated in track and field and played on my school’s girls hockey team.

Rachael, displaying once again that she's not afraid to try new things at Boot Camp.

Rachael, displaying once again that she’s not afraid to try new things at Boot Camp.

You’ve been working with Figarelle’s Fitness for almost a year now. What motivated you to seek us out?

Honestly, I was tired of my routine and was looking for something completely different. I had been doing yoga and Insanity and was having a really hard time keeping myself motivated, so I started to ask around and see what other people were doing. Ironically, I was newly into nursing school and just so happened to sit next to Michelle, a fellow boot camper, on my first day of class. We quickly became good friends and I remember her talking about how much she loved Figarelle’s. She encouraged me to check it out, I did, and I have never regretted my decision!

We see you kick ass at Boot Camp each week, so we know how much effort you put in to your training. Can you tell us what some of your favorite exercises are at Boot Camp?

I really enjoy all of the exercises at boot camp..it’s hard to choose favorites! I love the big box jump, the exercises on the TRX, and pull-ups. I also really enjoy the hurricane workouts we have started doing recently.

You’re very consistent with your workout routine. What are some of your favorite things about working with Figarelle’s Fitness?

One of my favorite things about Figarelle’s Fitness is the atmosphere. I love that there is no tolerance for bullshit and that it’s not your typical ‘gym.’ Everyone is so positive, encouraging, and supportive. I love that every work out is different and that you guys take the time to push each of us to be better in all aspects of our lives. I have done things I never thought I could do in a million years, and I owe it to you guys and my fellow boot campers.

You’re one of the first people to try new equipment when we get it. Have you always been so adventurous? 

As a kid I was extremely adventurous, but as I’ve gotten older I feel like I wouldn’t use that word to describe myself, so it’s funny to hear you say that. Since joining Figarelle’s Fitness I have definitely gained more confidence in my physical ability and have been encouraged to do things I had told myself I couldn’t do. Because of that, I no longer hear the little voice inside my head telling me ‘there’s no way I can do that’ and I enjoy challenging myself to try new things at boot camp.

Rachael, killing it at Boot Camp.

Rachael, killing it at Boot Camp.

Your performance at each FF Boot Camp tells us that you take your health very seriously. Can you run us through what a typical day is like for you, nutrition-wise?

I grew up eating fairly healthy and have never been one to crave fast food because I never really had it as a kid. A typical day for me starts with breakfast – I am definitely not one of those people that can go without it. I’ll usually make a fruit smoothie and eat a bowl of granola and vanilla yogurt. Lunch usually includes a salad or lunchmeat and cheese, some type of fruit or vegetable, and a fiber one bar. Dinner varies; I eat a lot of chicken. I usually pair it with a vegetable and/or whole-wheat rice or pasta. I forgot to mention that I am a very picky eater and I don’t like sauce of any kind on anything. (Yeah, I know it’s weird). My snacks usually include an apple or a banana and I usually eat a protein bar about an hour before working out. I have a weakness for Mexican food, so I try to limit my craving for that to once a week and usually end up treating myself to that on the weekend.

What do you like to do when you’re not working out?

When I am not working out I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. This sounds really lame, but because I am so busy with school I really just love a Friday night to relax where I can watch a movie and eat good food. I also really enjoy traveling, every chance I get I’m on a plane somewhere.

You’re incredibly supportive to everyone at Boot Camp. Who supports you in your life? 

I am incredibly lucky to have grown up surrounded by supportive people. My parents have always been there for me and taught me to strive for the unimaginable and to never give up. My boyfriend, Chase, is my biggest fan and is the most supportive person I’ve ever met. He encourages me to be my best and is always willing to step up and help me reach my goals when I have doubts that I can get there on my own. He truly is my better half. I am also surrounded by the best friends anyone could have (I may be biased) but I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

IMG_1315 You’re a nursing student, which has obviously consumed a lot of your time and energy. How do you balance working, going to school, and exercising/eating healthy without getting too overwhelmed?

How I do it? I have absolutely no idea. Balancing nursing school and life in general is harder work than I ever thought it would be. There have been several times through-out the last year and a half of nursing school where I have looked back on a semester and asked myself how in the hell I managed to do all that I did. It definitely helps that I am a planner and an organizer, I always have been. I literally have my life written out on a giant desk calendar, it’s even color coordinated. Working out for me has always been a major stress relief, I always joke that it keeps me sane. When I first started nursing school I used the excuse that I was too busy to workout quite a bit – but my stress levels went through the roof. I decided early on that I absolutely had to make time to workout otherwise I was going to end up a crazy person. Eating healthy and getting at least 8 hours of sleep has been fairly easy for me. I literally don’t function on little sleep and I’ve never really been a ‘bad’ eater, when I eat like shit I feel like shit – that part has stayed pretty simple.

I can’t say that I haven’t had days where I’ve been overwhelmed and questioned what in the hell I had gotten myself into, but I’ve always been the type to see how full I can get my plate and then work my ass of until I get it all done – and ironically, it has always worked out. Balancing it all hasn’t been easy, but I also never expected it to be. In all honesty, it has been incredibly tough at times – trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life while being a nursing student, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing worth having comes easy though, right?

What new goals are you working on right now?

Right now I am in the process of training for my first half marathon, the Mayors half. Prior to joining Figarelle’s Fitness this was never even a thought that crossed my mind, so I am really excited about it. Long term, I would love to run a full marathon and do a triathalon – so that is in the works in the future.

A personal goal I have had for as long as I can remember has been to graduate nursing school. It’s kind of a surreal feeling when the dream you’ve had since you were a kid is so close to becoming a reality, August 15th cannot come soon enough!