Our innovative programs are tailored to your unique needs and we assist you in defining, committing to and attaining your goals to help you live an enriched life. It’s important to us that we instill confidence and motivation in each and every person we have the privilege of working with. Our clients are our friends and often the source of our own motivation. We believe in presenting challenges that will bring you to new levels with your health and fitness endeavors.



“If price is your main concern, our program is not for you. If you’re only interested in working out “once in awhile” and have no interest in committing yourself to hard work and accountability, our program is not for you. And if you’re unable to show up on time, frequently cancel sessions or if you’re a chronic excuse maker – our program is definitely not for you.”

We’re not interested in quick fixes, gimmicks or fads. Figarelle’s Fitness is all about hard work, sweat and keeping it real with you.  Getting into great shape may honestly be one of the most difficult things you will ever do physically, as well as psychologically.