1. Hi Sherree! Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in Tokyo Japan. My dad and husband were both in the military so I’ve never lived anywhere longer than three years, that is until I moved to Anchorage, AK in 1994. Because of all the moving around, this is where I get my passion for traveling. I’ve been married for 41 years and I have 4 grown sons. I was a stay at home mom when the boys were growing up. I am now the Practice Manager for a dental office. I love the outdoors; hiking, camping and bike riding.

2. How long have you been working with FF, and what motivated you to begin working with us?

I’ve worked with FF for about a year and a half, and I have known Charlene, Steph and Lela for many years. Over the years they would tell me about the gym but I just wasn’t ready to join. I figured it was just another gym.


About two years ago Lela asked me to come check out a workout, and I thought I would go see what it was about, but I didn’t think I would last- like all the other gyms before. The hardest part for me was to go alone.

I discovered I really liked the way FF ran their classes. I didn’t need a friend to go with me, as there is so much motivation going on at the gym. It’s like being adopted into a great family.

3. What are some of the biggest challenges you have overcome with your fitness and nutrition, and what did you learn from overcoming these challenges?  

The biggest challenge was to not worry about what others might think about me and whether or not I could do the exercises. With time I learned how to do everything correctly. I’ve learned that at FF, no one is judging you. It’s just the opposite, they are there to help you and encourage you. I have surprised myself with what I can do. I have always cooked healthy, but portion control was a big problem for me. I’ve since learned to eat appropriate portions of food. Because of the positive changes I’ve made with my nutrition over the last year and half, I have been able to share what I’ve learned with my sister (who lives in Utah). She’s been inspired to start exercising and eating healthier, too.

4. How has your nutrition changed over the last year?  

I began meal planning and making our meals from scratch. I found I enjoy cooking and the food tastes so much better. I also learned about portion control. I really can have anything I want as long as it fits into my macros. Counting macros is still a challenge for me, but I know if I keep tracking I will get it down.

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5. Your push-up form is incredible! How often do you practice push-ups, and what advice can you give someone who may be struggling to improve their form on this particular exercise?   

Thank you. I practice about 3-4 times a week. I take all the advice that Charlene, Steph and Lela give me on form at boot camp and small group. The biggest piece of advice was from Steph when she said, “when you get tired, think as if you had a string attached to your butt and someone was pulling you up.” Steph has put some great videos together on YouTube, and I practice in front of a mirror to make sure I’m doing them right. These videos are a great resource.

6. You regularly attend Boot Camp classes as well as Small Group Personal training classes. What are a few of your favorite things about both programs? Favorite exercises? 

I love boot camp because you never know what the coaches have planned for you. I love how everyone is so encouraging. We are a family all helping each other. I like how you make us do things out of our comfort zone. Small group personal training is a smaller group, and they push you out of your comfort zone too. I enjoy when you challenge us to pick up heavier weights, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I do it. I don’t know if I really have a favorite exercise. I really like all of it.

7. What are 3 fitness goals you accomplished in 2014? What 3 fitness goals do you want to accomplish in 2015?


1) I ran the Jingle Bell 5K Race. I have never run a whole race. I usually walk/run. But with Shelly’s help I did it. Thank you, Shelly. 2) I lost the weight that I set for myself.  3) I learned to meal plan and stick with it.


1) I would like to be under 20% body fat.  2) Lose 5 more pounds and be able to do a pull up with no band.  3) I would also like to be able to climb the 15’ rope in the gym.

8. You’ve mentioned that you used to really dislike working out, but now you love it. What has changed for you, and why?  

I love the results I am seeing. I am happier and more confident with myself.  I love the follow up when you have a problem. You listen to us and give us your best. It doesn’t matter what class you attend, FF give us their all.

9. You recently participated in our 2015 Burpee Challenge to raise money for Sabrina Walker’s Lost Lake Team. How many burpees did you do in 15 minutes? 

I did 80 burpees and was really proud of myself. I was only going to volunteer to be a counter but Kami challenge me and I couldn’t turn that down. It was a lot of fun, and it was great to be able to help raise money for a wonderful cause.


10. You frequently travel out of state, yet you’re still able to stay on track with healthy eating. What are some tips you can offer to those who travel often, and who want to stay on track with their diet and workouts?

I do love to travel. I am very determined to reach my goals so this helps me to stay on track. I track what I eat using Myfitnesspal. I make healthy choices. Meal planning is very important for me. I recently started using YELP for restaurant menu ideas while traveling.

If we have a kitchen in our hotel, I go out and buy food at the grocery store to help me stay on track. I prepare my meals when I know I will be traveling.  All these things I have learned from FF and the videos that Steph has put on YouTube.

I don’t have to give anything up. I just need to know where it fits into my meal planning.  I don’t consider this a diet, it’s a way of life for me and it make me happy.