I’ll be out of town today and tomorrow, and that requires packing all of my food with me. Situations like this call for diligence around planning and preparation, otherwise I will get way off track. I’ll bring a cooler with everything I will need for the next two days, and from there, all I have to do is follow my plan. Some of the things I will bring will be protein bars and beef jerky, because they’re convenient. I have been on a major Power Crunch bar kick lately. 

A wise man once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Ben Franklin

I completely agree.

A weekend of disruption to my routine could result in a weeklong struggle to regain control with my nutrition if I’m not mindful. It also perpetuates a start/stop mindset where I give in to laziness, excuses and bad habits that become difficult to break. This viscous cycle is very difficult to get out of. 

Leaving town, having your whole routine turned upside down and then deciding to stick to your plan no matter what is how you break free of these stupid patterns. So in a sense, this is an opportunity to permanently transform behavior. 

Setting goals, then actually reaching them is never a seamless process because change is hard. Try not to overthink it. Set goals you care about, create a plan, and stay committed no matter what. It’s that simple. Many things will get in your way, but you have to remain conscious and adapt so you continue making progress.  

Every meal, every day, and every week matters when you have an important goal to reach in a specific amount of time. There’s not a lot of wiggle room, and this is precisely the reason I think goals with deadlines are so important for actually get things done.

So, here I go. Off the grid and into the mountains.