Susana has been working with Figarelle’s Fitness for over 3 years. She brings an enthusiastic energy to every Boot Camp, and she works incredibly hard! It’s a privilege to work with you, Susana. Thanks for always bringing your BEST!

1. Hi Susana! Please tell us about yourself.

My job moved us up here sixteen years ago but I was born and raised in the California sun! I do miss the big city life and I know that one day I will eventually make it back down to the lower 48.

IMG-20140720-WA0010I am a very proud mother of three beautiful souls. They are my pride and joy! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful life with my children and amazing friends….like the Figarelle’s Fitness Family!

2. You’ve been working with FF for several years now. What initially motivated you to seek us out?

I was motivated to join a few years ago by your mom. Charlene told me how wonderful the group was and how she knew I would love it. It took her a year of convincing me and I am glad I finally joined.

Figarelle’s Fitness has changed my life for the better. You are a wonderful mentor, you motivate and inspire so many people! I love to preach “Steph words” to anyone that will listen to me. I am very proud to be a part of the Figarelle’s Fitness Family!!!

3. Do you remember your first Boot Camp with us? If so, what stands out about that first workout?

I wasn’t sure what to expect my first day and was a bit skeptical about trying it out. Your mom, you and Lela made me feel right at home from the moment I got there.

574518_399445233419954_491064802_nAfter the workout I knew it was the place for me. I never liked working out in new gyms and I was not motivated enough to keep going. The fitness clubs I tried had no structure and I never felt like it was the right place for me. Figarelle’s Fitness changed all that for me. I love the structure, the motivation and inspiration you give us and most of all your support.

4. We love how enthusiastic you always are! What are a few of your favorite things about FF?

Our coaches! All three of you ladies inspire me! You’re real with no bullshit. You tell it like it is. You pump us up and get us going and keep us coming back for more! I love it love it love it!

5. How about a few of your favorite exercises/workouts?

I love sparring! I love how it gets you all pumped up and it makes me feel strong! I also love the hurricanes, wow those get your blood pumping and that makes me feel alive!

6. What kind of progress have you made since working with us?

I am so much stronger with my body mind and soul! I am also a lot more stress free, I sleep like a baby at night and I owe all of that to Figarelle’s Fitness (my stress reliever)!

7. You always do a wonderful job of sharing your FF experiences on Facebook and taking lots of photos. Why is it so important for you to share your workout experience?

I want to reach out to my family and friends and show them what an amazing accomplishment I made with your workouts. I want to inspire them like you inspire me. I want to share my experience with as many people in hopes that they too are inspired to join the most amazing workout family in Alaska!

8. What do you like to do when you’re not working out?

I love to spend time with my children and friends and of course working out with you fine folks!


I like reading, going for walks with my children, biking and being outdoors as much as possible. I can’t wait for the summer to go camping, fishing and hiking!

9. As you know, here at FF we aim to teach you as well as make you sweat. What are 3 invaluable things you’ve learned since working with us?

Self-development, commitment and having goals! All wonderful lessons, thank you so much for being a part of my life!

10. Tell us about your bucket list. What are a few big goals you’d like to accomplish in the next couple of years?

I want to travel, I want to see the world I want to meet new people and see new cultures. I want to experience life and live it to the fullest. The best way to do that is to get out there and experience it. First stop, Egypt then hopefully Ireland, Europe, Australia, etc. The world is my oyster and I LOVE oysters!