I’m always astounded at how difficult some people can make the process of goal setting. It’s supposed to be fun and a maybe a little scary but you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself that you get lost in the process and end up hating life. 
If you want to bench press 300 LBS, awesome!
If you want to be able to hoist the Costco sized bag of dog food in the shopping cart by yourself for the rest of your life, awesome!
If you want to maintain the physical ability to wipe your own ass for as long as you live, awesome!
If you want to lose 100 LB and enter your first bodybuilding competition, awesome!
If you want to live pain/injury free, awesome! 
If you want to be around long enough to watch your grandkids graduate college, awesome!
The point is, the goal is yours. It can be whatever you want it to be. 
The magnitude of the objective is up to you. It’s all relative anyway.
Remember: All that matters is that it fires YOU up and adds something special to your life.