About Figarelle’s Fitness

Our Mission:

Introduce fitness to as many truly dedicated people as we possibly can in an effort to teach them how vital their health is, and to help them understand the impact that exercise and proper nutrition have on all aspects of their lives. We want to create a simple, yet extraordinary experience for each of our clients at every single session. Our goal is to make sure every workout elicits positive change and instills confidence in every client.

We are not currently taking new clients.

Figarelle’s Fitness was founded in 2006 with the intent to educate, empower, and introduce the simplest, yet most effective methods of exercise to Alaskans.

We strip away the nonessentials and teach basic, key movements that are quite literally game changing for men and women of all ages and ability levels. We teach our clients how to move properly, how to connect with their bodies, and to trust themselves.

We ask that each of our clients come into our studio knowing exactly what they want out of their training. This information will then be communicated to all three coaches so we all know what each of our clients is truly passionate about. Our clients must also walk through our door with a strong belief in themselves and a dedication to consistently grow, learn and make the necessary changes required to achieve their unique goals.  Figarelle’s Fitness delivers our message in a no-nonsense, authentic way.

As our clients progress, we continue to collaborate with them to reassess their goals and to help them devise new plans to continue evolving in order to become the best version of themselves.

Figarelle’s Fitness Family Values

1. Inspire and motivate those around you. Make their experience your experience.

2. Show up on time with a positive, energized attitude to every workout.

3. Be humble and never allow your ego to get in your way.

4. Always do your best.

5. Make a new friend at every workout. High five somebody!

6. Take care of your body and prioritize your recovery.

7. Be open and honest with yourself, your coaches, and those you work with during a session.

8. Smile, laugh, and push yourself at every workout. Commit yourself fully.

9. Have goals that fire you up and make you passionate about changing your life.

10. Share your ideas.