Private 1-on-1 Personal Training 

You’ll work one on one with a coach during a 60 minute private session, and you will have access to your coach outside of your workouts should you have questions or concerns. 

We put an emphasis on the fundamentals of strength training using free weights (dumbbells and barbells), as well as kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, the TRX and your own bodyweight. 

We teach the six foundational movement patterns: Squat, hip hinge, Lunge (single leg), push (upper body), pull (upper body), and the loaded carry. Your program is customized to your unique goals. 

Small Group Personal Training (Space is limited)

Workouts are in groups of 3-6 people (co-ed). All sessions are 60 minutes long, with a focus on the fundamentals of strength training with free weights. Class options are limited, please email us for availability. 

* Please send us an email for program pricing.