I love challenges because they elicit growth in so many ways. Today is the start date for the Figarelle’s Fitness 21 Day Transformation contest that we’re doing with our private training and Boot Camp clients. I’m pretty excited about this one because we’ve got 26 people signed up and some awesome cash prizes ($260 to be exact), a $100 gift certificate to Moose’s Tooth, a $100 gift certificate to Sport’s Authority and a month of Free Boot Camp to give away!

A few rules that must be followed for the next 3 weeks: All participants must log at least five consecutive days into their Myfitnesspal food diary so I can see what they’re eating. They must also attend at least one personal training session with me, or one boot camp class each week during the contest period. And they had to be able to get measured today, and again on Sept. 1st. I’ve also asked everyone to share at least five important goals they’d like to accomplish during the 21 day period so they have some inspiring things to strive for besides reaching just a number.

I’m so thrilled to watch my clients reach their goals, lose weight and improve their lives that I want to jump into all the fun myself! So I’ve decided to participate in everything along with them – I just won’t be eligible for any of the prizes. My intent is to show them I’m willing to make sacrifices alongside them, but to also put focus on my own goals that sometimes get pushed to the wayside.

Here are 8 of my goals for the next 3 weeks:

1. Perform at least 8 consecutive, dead hang pullups (overhand): Right now I’m at 5 consecutive pullups.

2. Deadlift 250lbs at least one time (My current 1 rep max deadlift is 225lbs).

3. Run my half-marathon in 2 hrs. or less on August 19th, 2012.

4. Climb a rope without using my feet (just use upper body strength).

5. Get my body fat to 18%: I’m currently at 22%.

6. Do not consume any alcohol throughout the month of August: This one is pretty easy for me since I don’t drink much. But I do enjoy a Moose’s Tooth beer from time to time!

7. Incorporate intermittent fasting in my day a few times per week to see how my body responds.

8. Cut out all late night snacking! This is one of my favorite things to do- and something that gets me into a lot of trouble.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how the next 21 days goes for me! I can’t wait to see what all of my clients accomplish in the next 3 weeks.