When we started Figarelle’s Fitness LLC, our vision was to help people get healthy while living life on our own terms. 

In 2007, I went all in on my dream. I could no longer tolerate other people telling me what to do. I didn’t want to wake up to an alarm clock anymore, and I was tired of putting my goals on hold just to live paycheck to paycheck. 

I made the decision to turn my passion into a full-time business where I make my own schedule, and I get to help people change their lives for the better while living in alignment with my personal values everyday. 

I’m launching my business coaching program at the end of June and will start taking new clients immediately. If you’re a small business owner in any industry who is interested in making more money, and having more time and flexibility in your schedule, this is for you. 

This is not only about financial growth though, it’s also about being a happier and healthier person overall, having fun and spending your time however you want to. I recognized a long time ago that my time is far more valuable than money. 

I am the best fit for ambitious, goal-oriented people who are open-minded, and willing to be vulnerable while putting in the effort to learn everything from tracking their finances to learning SEO, setting personal and professional goals, learning social media marketing, building strong relationships, understanding the psychology of sales and everything in between. 

If you’re feeling stuck in your business or your work, and you’re not sure which direction to go, send me a message and let’s get on the phone for a chat, I’d love to help you.