I’m behind on regular blogging, but all is going well. I had one day of overindulgence, and it was great. Enjoyed some donuts and got back on track the following day. I don’t refer to bigger calorie intake days as “cheat days” or anything else. In fact, I don’t give them a name at all. I just enjoy the food and move on.

My scale weight was up a couple of pounds after that day, which was expected. Any time you consume a higher than normal amount of carbohydrates, you’ll see a jump on the scale due to water retention. It only takes a few days for this to return to normal, assuming you’re back in a caloric deficit.

One thing I have noticed since taking creatine every day, is that it’s contributing to an increase on the scale as well. This is also due to water retention. I’m fine with that, it’s benefiting me in the gym and I’m able to keep my strength up despite being in a fat loss phase. 

We hiked for about four hours on Sunday and I had a ton of energy. It’s the best I’ve felt hiking all summer. I had minimal back/hip pain, and what I did have the following day is now gone.

It’s amazing how much better you feel when you’re in shape. I’m certainly not in the best shape of my life, but I’m noticing a vast improvement from even just a few weeks ago. My endurance is better, and I have a lot more energy throughout the day. I’m more focused, organized and productive, too.

I’ll talk more about keystone habits in a future post. There are so many ways in which your life improves when you put your health first.