The most common reason people fail to achieve their fitness goals is because they have zero accountability.
You might know what to do, after all there are millions of resources online, and YouTube is pretty much all you need. The problem is, you don’t do any of it. Even if you dabble, you’re too inconsistent to get lasting results. This is why you’re in the same place today that you were in a year ago.
Skip the new iPhone and hire a coach. Get some skin in the game. Most people are content wasting YEARS of their life spinning in circles, trying fad diets and program hopping, all to no avail.
This is absolute madness.
Time is finite. Once it’s gone, you will never get it back. Money is infinite. You can always make more of it. Ditch the scarcity mindset, and invest in your health.
The consequences of neglect will show up later in life, and cost you far more than what it costs to pay an expert to teach you how to take care of yourself.
It’s amazing what establishing a few habits, and allowing yourself to be held accountable can do for improving the quality of your life.