Figarelle's Fitness Boot Camp

The cohesion and trust involved in team work is far more powerful in eliciting change than working at it alone.

Individual commitment and motivation is vital, but we all get discouraged and lose focus at some point. It’s called being human.

The longevity of commitment to improvement lies in the company you keep. The energy of those around you working at 100% in order to attain the best version of themselves. The evolution of progression and self-improvement should last a lifetime, it should never be approached as a means to an end. This is your “every day,” not your “once in awhile.”

Have you ever taken yourself to your breaking point?

What does it feel like to get to the edge of your comfort zone and step out of it- just for a second?  You may have assumptions but if you’ve never done it you really have no idea. You have no FACTS, you only have FEARS. Fear is an illusion, a deception and a liar. Push beyond your fears and perceived limitations to find out what you’re truly capable of.

Your breath reminds you that you're alive. How you breathe is an indicator of what's in your mind.

Your idea of perfection much like fear, is an illusion. It’s not real, it’s just an idea that you’ve designed in your mind. It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or that you shouldn’t strive to attain it, but you should always focus on precision in execution of each movement your body performs- from a push-up to a heavy dead lift, to putting the right foods in your mouth to getting out of bed each morning. Pay attention to your breathing during every move you make throughout your day. If you’re holding your breath or taking shallow breaths, you’re probably stressed out. Take a moment to re-focus your mind.

What are you willing to endure to become the best version of yourself?

Always find a way to make an exercise harder, never easier.

I want you to look within yourself to find your strengths. I can teach you the fundamentals, but I can never give you strength- it’s only found when you look deep within. You are not your past, you are not your perceived inadequacies, and you are not your injuries. These are minor obstacles that play tricks on your mind and it’s your responsibility to push them aside and strive for self-discipline in all aspects of your life.

If you want happiness, stop wallowing in self-pity and find happiness. If you want good health, stop making excuses and start working your ass off for it. It will not magically land in your lap. You will sweat, you will cry and you you will probably bleed along the way. This means you’re on the right track. Keep going.   ~SF