Life has been busy and I haven’t been able to devote as much time to blogging here as I would like. That being said, everything is going well. One shift I’ve noticed this week is that I have a lot more stamina in the gym, and I’m eager to train.

I plan all of my workouts ahead of time, but I kept noticing this trend each week where I was putting everything else before my own workouts. It kinda pissed me off. So on Sunday when I was setting my goals for the week, I made it a point to prioritize my own training sessions before everything else. 

Anytime I haven’t gotten my workout done for the day and I feel like I need to be doing something else, I override that thought and get out in the gym. Just being more conscious of my own needs and putting myself first has made a world of difference.

We’ve been trying to get outdoors to hike as much as possible but the past few days it’s been raining. Last week and over the weekend, I was able to run more, and while I’m still having some soreness in my low back, hip and hamstring, it’s much more manageable.

I have hit a plateau with my weight at around 172 LB. I haven’t taken measurements since starting this, but I will soon. All of my clothes are fitting better, and my energy has been great. These are more important to me than what the scale says, but it’s still an important tool to pay attention to.

When you hit a plateau a few things might need to change; an adjustment to macros may need to be made, an increase in activity, or even a rest. Since I actually haven’t been killing myself in the gym, my method for breaking past this plateau will be to increase my exercise each week.

Ideally, I want to strength train 4-5x per week, and do cardio 4x per week. Hopefully the torrential rains will subside here soon and we can get outside for some more hikes and bike rides before the snow hits us.