When Krissy began her journey with Figarelle’s Fitness, she had aspirations to lose body fat and get stronger. She’s committed herself 100% to a complete transformation over the last year and a half and in that time has lost 40LBS and 12.8% body fat, and she’s rocking size 4 jeans! Her plank went from 60 seconds to a 10:35 hold, her pull-ups went from 0 to 5 reps, and last week she ran the fastest mile she’s ever run in her life!

Our clients come to us because they want to make big changes. They want to improve their physical performance, they want more energy, less stress, they want to feel good in their bodies everyday.

This is what we deliver. We don’t just put people through the motions and hope for the best. We’re invested in actual progress and the RESULTS that our clients want.


“This group and these coaches have changed my life! I could not be more grateful to Steph, Lela, and Charlene. They’ve provided amazing guidance and made me truly believe my goals were possible. And that’s not just with physical changes either. 

Steph’s advice has really helped me with confidence and clarity and becoming a much happier and fulfilled individual all around. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank Steph enough for that gift. 

The best advice I can offer to anyone who is starting out is to fully commit and trust the process…and yourself. Read the posts. Listen to the advice, and incorporate it. Commit to it. It really works. Give it time and trust it. 

I’ve tried getting to where I’m at for 14+ years. Figarelle’s finally made it possible for me, and I am forever grateful to them and their awesome clients that have been such inspirations along the way.” – Krissy 

Productive physical movement and good nutrition should be a part of your life, forever. It’s not something that you do once in awhile when you feel like it. It’s something you should look forward to doing because it’s a privilege and because it feels good! We love helping people achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams. That’s why we do what we do everyday.

Krissy is an example of what’s possible when: 1) You know exactly what you want 2) You go after it with unwavering focused effort AND a solid plan 3) You surround yourself with undying support, and 4) You don’t bullshit yourself with a list of excuses of why you “can’t.”