It’s far too easy to get caught up in the collective chaos that has infiltrated not only our society, but the world as a whole right now. 

While certain things are in our control, many things are beyond it. Yet, we insist on obsessing about the unknown, scrambling to grasp the reins of a beast we stand no chance of ever restraining. 

Instead we neglect what matters; our mental and physical health, our loved ones, our priorities. We exchange our time- our LIFE- for wasted stress about “what if” scenarios that never happen. 

We blame external circumstances and other people. 

We trade constant comfort for the opportunity to take action and make a change. 

We put things off until tomorrow because we believe we have time. 

We allocate our attention and finite energy to our phones, our email and the media when we know damn well we could be focused on more important activities that will bring us closer to the life we truly want to live. 

And for what? 

What does all that bitching, complaining and time wasting get you? 

What does choosing to live in a constant state of stress and worry do for you? 

Does it bring you more happiness? Better quality sleep? Fun memories with your family? 

None of that. 

Self-sabotage is what it is. 

Addiction to distraction is an effective way to avoid failure AND success. It’s an illusion of safety. It’s a guaranteed, one-way ticket to complacency. You have to get uncomfortable if you’re going to have any chance of reaching your goals.