You’re unclear about what you want and WHY you want it. Clarity of purpose is what directs and drives you, figure this out first and foremost.

You lack passion, energy, and focus because you don’t know what you really want or why you want it. You allow distractions to interrupt your flow. (See #1).

You’re impulsive and refuse to learn how to delay instant gratification. You must have your needs met immediately to pacify yourself. Like a baby.

You feel entitled to something you haven’t worked for. You think it should just happen for you without you actually putting in much effort. Or, you think the small amount of effort you’ve given something for a short time should be “good enough.” Yet, you have zero to show for that effort.

You lack consistency. Some days you’re on point, and other days you don’t hit the gym, don’t track macros, or you decide to eat out because you can’t make it to the grocery store. You allow laziness to take over and cloud your vision and derail your progress.

You try to push through pain and injuries because you think you’re superhuman. You don’t take care of yourself. You neglect your mental and emotional wellbeing because you think it doesn’t matter. You’re too “hardcore” to address that aspect of yourself. You don’t realize that physical pain is a manifestation of emotional stress and mental garbage that has built up over the years.

You have a negative attitude and get impatient easily, so you give up often and blame other people or situations for why you can’t be successful. You use negative self-talk constantly to “punish” yourself. You’re a chronic excuse maker who has a story for why you can’t do something. You complain to anyone who will listen about anything and everything, rarely coming up with a solution to improve your situation. Whining is easier than actually doing something productive.

You tell yourself that it’s “too hard.” It will take “too long” to achieve. Meanwhile you’re forgetting that the time will pass anyway. Why wait another day to pursue your goals? You’re not going to live forever. Not only that, but if it were easy, everyone would have the body and the life of their dreams. The difficulty of this pursuit is what makes it so special.

You’re dishonest with yourself. You’re dishonest with others. You figure a few white lies here and there won’t matter, but that shit adds up and sooner or later you realize that you have gone too far into delusional-land and can’t figure out how to get back to reality. Smart people can see through your bullshit, by the way, so you’re not fooling anyone.

You do it for someone else, not yourself. Whether to impress them, or to shut them up. You care more about what other people think of you than what YOU think of you. You’re all talk and no action.



If you’re getting results after an honest and consistent 4-6 weeks, you’re doing it right. If you’re not, then change something. Get more focused, and more consistent. Work harder. Demand more from yourself.

Stop giving yourself an out, and stop making excuses. Don’t skip workouts, and don’t eat off your nutrition plan. It takes time to make a major change, and it takes a powerful mindset.

Time to step up and achieve some goals! You owe it to yourself, and you deserve the very best.