Earlier in the week, I set a bodyweight goal of 176.0 LB by Saturday morning. I hit that goal today. 

Had I stayed the same weight as yesterday or gone up, I would have made an adjustment to my calories today. I’ve been at 1,800 calories a day for several weeks now. My plan is to keep my caloric intake up as high as I can for as long as possible while still losing body fat. 

At this point, I know when to make the strategic, subtle tweaks to my nutrition and exercise routine to keep fat loss moving along. The scale provides important feedback, which is why I rely on it every day. 

I realize not everyone has a healthy relationship with their scale, but here’s where I remind you that you have full control over your choices throughout the day.

If a number pops up on the scale that disappoints you, your plan needs work. Look for solutions, then execute. Avoid throwing a tantrum in your bathroom, it’s a waste of energy.

You are in control. 

You get to decide whether you take a walk outside or sit on the couch and watch Netflix. You choose whether to crack open the pint of Ben & Jerry’s that has been staring back at you from the freezer all week, or to cook a chicken breast so you hit your protein target.

You choose whether to stop at McDonald’s and eat in the car or cook a healthy meal at home and sit down with your family and enjoy it together.

Take ownership of your actions and make the appropriate choices that bring you one step closer to reaching your goals. 

Consider how many years, or even decades it took you to get out of shape and develop horrible habits around diet and exercise. What makes you think you can reverse all of that in a few months? Stop allowing yourself to fall for the bullshit gimmicks and fads that promise a quick-fix. 

They don’t work.

You know what does work?

Burning more calories than you consume on a consistent basis. Following your plan every day. Being disciplined. Getting enough sleep. Managing your stress. Holding yourself accountable. Maintaining realistic expectations. Patience. 

My intentions in sharing how I approach this process are to hold myself accountable so I do what needs to be done every single day, and so I can demonstrate to whoever is reading this just how simple fat loss really is. I will break it all down for you in these Blog posts, and on my podcast. If you have specific questions about anything, feel free to ask. 

While I guarantee you will face challenges and setbacks along the way, you don’t have to quit when it gets hard. You CAN keep going. It’s your choice. When you decide to continue despite it no longer being fun or easy, that’s when you will get the results you desire.