Fat loss is becoming easier every day. I like to call this part of the process coasting. Everything is (mostly) effortless. 

I have developed good habits around food and exercise again, and I’m seeing results. I’ve noticed that my stamina while out walking and hiking has improved significantly. I don’t get tired as easily, and I can keep up with my wife Lela. She typically leaves me in the dust on anything uphill. My clothes are fitting better, too.

I’m spending a long weekend in Seward, Alaska, and we have packed most of our food with us. I’ll stop by the grocery store at some point to get a few more things, and we have plans to go out to eat at least once. So there will be some deviation from our packed meals.

I’ve been pretty hungry over the last 24 hours. I dropped my calories down by about 50 two days ago, and it’s noticeable.

Hunger is an important cue to pay attention to when deciding whether or not to adjust your nutrition and workouts. What guided me to that decision were three things: 1) I was being consistent with my nutrition 2) My weight hadn’t changed in over a week 3) I was not hungry. This is a clear indication I need to make some subtle changes. These adjustments dropped me back into a caloric deficit. 

Since this is a short week for us at home, I won’t be able to get in all of my strength workouts but I’ll be able to complete my 3 planned cardio sessions. Today we’re hiking Mount Marathon, something we haven’t done together in almost 9 years. It was one of my favorite hikes when I was a kid, and I’m looking forward to the workout and the insane views of Resurrection Bay.